My name is Elise Kimura.

This is a first for me. To be on display outside my close circle of friends. To have what I write exposed to the world. Clearly, after six months, that is no longer true. The freshness and sometimes the fear, is still there and I hope it never fades completely. ^_^

What will you make of my little stories? Will you like them? Will you find them sweet or deep or naive? I cannot control what may come, in that way it is like life I suppose and that is a very good thing.

I think my life should be full of surprises like walking through a forest never seen before, like dipping into water on a warm day. Will it be warm from the sun or will I be shocked by its coldness? This is the thrill of living. And it is why I write.

When I write the journey begins with an idea, as fine as a hair. It takes me into a strange place with a map, unmarked. What is behind the next tree? Will my character do well in this new place or will she find difficulties? If I do not know what is coming as I go then you ,who is reading it, will not either. Isn’t that wonderful?

There is craft behind the writing but do not be concerned about that. The hard work is always rewarded in the joy of creating something new.

Blogging is new to me soย Please forgive any missteps I may take. I promise to learn smoothly so there are no holes for you to fall into along the way.

I cannot say the same for my stories. Holes and exposed tree roots and deep, leaf-covered ponds may be just around the next corner. I will try to bring you beauty and a sense of the world and the magic all around.

Writing is a dream from which I hope never to wake.



10 responses to “Welcome

  1. Have fun Elisa… ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoyed the post very much, and I can’t wait for your next posts.

    • Thank you, Galit. ‘Writing and Procrastination’ is so interesting. I’ve bookmarked it for reading again when I’m not so sleepy. ^_^

      • Awww ty so much … ๐Ÿ™‚ I did the same to read your posts and your poems.

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