New Year wishes and finding peace inside

Sometimes when I write I become overwhelmed by the beauty of a scene and silly it may sound if you’re not like me in this way, I cry a little. It’s not the crying of hurt or fear. It’s as if I am really there and the sights and aromas of that special place overcome my sense of being in a room in front of a computer.

If you write or even if you don’t, have you ever been overcome by the preciousness of a thought or a place?

If you haven’t you can you know. Close your eyes and envision somewhere you love. Look closely, with love, at every little thing there. A stone or a branch on sand, a leaf, anything. Think about how it got there, the journey it took. Be that thing, feel its journey and how it feels to be what it is. It will move your heart I promise you. Andeven if it doesn’t right away, give it time, try again. Be open to it and it will change you and bring you so much peace. You may even cry.

My deepest wishes for a peaceful New Year filled with meaning. May your life be poetry.

With love,



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