so everyone uses Facebook right?

So many people I know don’t use Facebook or any other sort of what I’ve learned is known as ‘the social web’.

As someone who aspires, or at least dreams of being a fulltime writer in this lifetime the moment came to shed my somewhat luddite-ish skin and dive into things social, well online anyway.

Yes, I now have a Facebook thingy, presence, persona, place, or whatever you call it right here. Feel free to ‘friend me’ I believe it’s called because none of my cave-dwelling friends will go near the place. ^_^

Also, I have a Twitter, although I have no idea yet what to do with it.

Please let me assure you I haven’t been living under a rock. It seems all things social online have passed me by until now, as I pursued other interests.

My nature is to learn quickly but there is so much to learn I fear drowning in it at any second. It does feel quite friendly though, so that’s nice. ^_^

See you in places perhaps.




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