give me butterflies before celebrities

Is it strange to find following celebrities boring? I know it’s a thing to do now but really, aren’t they just people doing their work and eating breakfast and making unpleasant smells when they think nobody’s around, and all the day to day stuff we all do, ok except for the bad smells, I would never do that of course? ^-^

There are so many amazing things to do and see in my life isn’t it better to do them instead? I mean don’t get me wrong I do love some musicians and writers and artists and I will ‘follow’ them with Facebook, sure, but not to know what mouthwash they use or who they’re going out with. They might have a new song coming out or a book or an exhibition I would really love to see.

Maybe it’s just my way but when I see a butterfly moving from one flower to another, up close enough to see the powder of their wings, that’s where it’s so gorgeous to spend time. Put yourself into the life of a butterfly, it’s so busy doing its butterfly errands it won’t know what the caterpillar on the leaf on the next plant is doing. It has things to do.

Today, down to the seaside to see what creatures might be lurking in the rockpools.

Stay lovely

Elise ^_^


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