slow, flu day

Today has been very slow, mostly about sleeping and looking through pretty pictures and cute baby animals on Pinterest.

Yes, Elise has been felled by the dreaded flu. Never mind, it will pass soon enough.

The only difference between today and any other day is that I have been in bed with my computer, some magazines, various cold remedies Eastern and Western, a big jug of lemon water, and a lack of writing. Only a heavy cold can bring down a dedicated writer. And only a heavy cold can give me the miseries.

If you were looking forward to something new to read today I’m afraid this will have to be it. Your intrepid friend is a writer of great resistance to bugs however, so tomorrow, all guns blazing, my fingers will be back to creating lovely, bite-sized worlds for here and bigger, longer stories for what may eventually be, publication.

So, please send me all the positive energy energy you can spare and I will do my bit too. Together we will defeat the bugs.

Oh yes, and I’ve messed around with the menus so things are clearer and easier to find – fingers crossed! ^_^

Stay luscious,

Elise xx ^-^


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