a slice from my 9 year old past

I found this in a box when I was cleaning up some old stuff. A poem by my nine year old self. Yes, my face is the deepest red right now, along with a little tear and a stupid smile.

I love my hamster because he’s cute

I love music and learn the flute

I love flowers because they are nice

I love my mum because she’s scared of mice

I love the sun when it’s not too hot

I love the rain because it’s not

I love thunder when it makes my dog crazy

I love my cat because she’s fat and lazy

I love everything pretty much

I don’t love sprouts because yuk

(And I’d written a note beside that last line that said I knew ‘yuk’ didn’t rhyme with ‘much’ and that I didn’t care because it was poetry and it doesn’t always have to.) ^_^


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