old advice, not taken

A half bag of rice,

greening with age

and humidity,

and a fish,


half a fish,

a mouldering fish

at that,

do not a decent meal make.

These are words,

wise words,

of one who shades me

in the long shadow of ages past.

And they did me good,

real good,

good that sticks with you,

words from a grandma,

since departed.

Or they would have

had I

been one to listen.


I was not.

~ ^-^ ~

This started out to be funny but ‘it got dark real quick’ as our American friends would say. It was to be a funny kind of ditty and, I suppose, it still is if you read it as a character who, in my mind, was a single person, standing in a kitchen with only old rice and a fish in the fridge that had seen better days, to make dinner with. Such are the vicissitudes of the creative bent. Don’t hate me for the perversity of my uncooperative right brain. We usually get on quite well. ^_^


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