down with the sickness

Soft, duck down,

goose down,

cold morning,

wrap myself


and snuggle

right into it.


throat, nose, head,

all is pain

but here I am,

snuggled in my duck down,

goose down,



bathed in sweat.

I am wishing,

just wishing,

just for a minute

or two

that I could write a line

or two

and everything

would be better.

~ ^-^ ~

Been wondering why I’ve been absent these past few days, week, whatever? Fever and all that goes with it has gripped me in its unforgiving hand. Don’t worry though, all measures have been taken, literally and figuratively. It’s improving slowly. Bonus, I have had the wildest dreams, so blissy and mad! If I write them as the poetry they appeared as you’ll think I’ve lost it completely. So, now, I’m breathing beauty and listening to joyful sounds. Love, Elise.


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