Absence explained

For those who might have wondered, “What’s happened to Elise lately?”, I’ve been working on a number of things.

Firstly, work commitments have been heavier than usual so much so that I’ve barely spoken to friends of late. With that and dealing with my little ’emotional’ difficulties, I’ve not had much extra time for the blog. Sorry about that if you like to come and see what’s up. I do promise to devote more time when more time is available. It, and naturally, you, are never far from my mind.

Also, importantly, I’ve been working on stories for a collection. At the moment it’s a collection based loosely on a forest theme and let me tell you, I am loving every agonising second of it. When writers talk about how much solitude they need to really focus on writing, they’re not being precious. Writing seriously takes some deep hermit-like tucking of oneself away in a most antisocial fashion.

Finally, in a new ‘friendship’, there can be great strain when trying to find time for special moments. We both try and we both spectacularly fail, busy folk that we are. But we carry on because, well, that’s what you do right?

Please enjoy what is here already, be assured new material is in the offing, always, and please know that the time you take in coming here is precious to me.

I will pop in a verse or two to share my heart from time to time. It’s fun, it’s heartfelt, and it’s therapeutic.


Elise ^_^


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