Who is Elise?

My name is Elise Kimura. I am an as yet unpublished writer living in Sydney.

Nature and its mysteries have always made me look at the world with wonder and surprise. I try to bring this wonder, joy and sometimes darkness, to everything I write.

The idea that magic is all around us inspires me. And everything has a purpose and a meaning though the void is a step away. With a mind open anything can be imagined.

To those who have, and those who may yet ask, no, I have no religion. It’s just me and you and the world. I find all the beauty I need in that. ^_^

Oh and no, I don’t speak Japanese. But the name! Yes, I know, long story.

~~ ^-^ ~~

If you wish you can email me anytime at elise.kimura@gmail.com.


2 responses to “Who is Elise?

    • Hi Eric,
      It’s a thrill to follow other writers, to see what they write and how they think. I especially like your flash fiction. Isn’t it fun to fly into a story and fly out again? It’s so relaxing.
      ^_^ Elise

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